The right price is what the customer is willing to pay. Not one cent more, not one less. There is a very nice allegory about Pablo Picasso, who was asked by a collector if he would like to paint picture for him. Picasso paints a picture with only a few brushstrokes and demands 100.000 dollars. The collector finds that to be an insolence and complains: "So much money for an hour's work?” Picasso replies: “It didn't take an hour, it took 80 years.” And of course, he was absolutely right. He had 80 years of experience and learning to create a brand.

This applies to all intellectual achievements. A top tax consultant develops the optimal solution in a short time. A bad one takes much longer, maybe even coming up with a subpar solution. To pay such people for their time is absolute nonsense. Can the value of knowledge really be measured in hours? To try to do so would be utter madness! That's why it's a pity about the paper used to print that quote. But which provider is the best for your project? Rely on the brand! If you like our previous work, then we are most likely the right partner for your project.