Wir produzieren Filme mit hohem visuellen und kreativen Anspruch. Wir helfen Unternehmen dabei relevante Bewegtbildinhalte zu veröffentlichen.



We draft and produce spots and films for brands. Brands strive for a high recognition profile to increase their sales, introduce new products and to be newly recognized. But which visual ideas and narratives are the right ones to choose in order to accomplish the communicative goal? 
Storytelling, Documentary, Branded Content, Interactive, TVC, Instagram-Stories - which genre conveys the spirit of the brand and of the product best?

Vast sums can be spent on great technical supplies, well-known directors and locations, but if you've got nothing to say, well – you've got nothing to say. The content of the story is what affects the viewer.

Need an example? You could buy just the same guitar, effect device, and the same amplifier as Eric Clapton uses. Playing a riff with just that equipment will still not sound like Eric Clapton. But Eric could play on any Stratocaster fit for scrap from a pawnshop, and one would still recognize him. Content matters. Be unusual, be original, because people are not seeking advertising. They are looking for authentic topics, which may be entertaining or even necessary and useful – in the best case all of them.


Take a closer look:


Creative / Conception.

 - finding ideas - developing formats - treatment - storyboard - copywriting - mood film



Crew booking - equipment booking - location scouting - casing - location management - travel organization - rights clearance and purchasing



Editing - voice recording - sound design - color correction - music research - title design - logo animation - 3D effects - retouch



Commission a film - producing a film


Creative / Conception.

We watch films because we are interested in their stories. They awaken emotions, memories, longings, offer variety, information and fun. This applies to all formats; image films, corporate films, webisodes, instagram stories, recruiting films, branded entertainment, advertising films, trade fair films, etc.! For us, these categorizations do not matter, because if your customers, applicants or employees take the time to watch your film, then it must arouse curiosity, stimulate dialogue, convey fascination and make connections comprehensible.


We develop cinematic implementation proposals for product communication, employee recruitment, social media communication and brand films. Clarity in the coordination of concept drafts is very important to us. Clarity means avoiding abstraction. The problem with abstraction is that it creates the superficial appearance of unity. Even if many people read the same thing, they do not have the same image in their minds. So we design products that are as close as possible to the finished product and communicate them with as much visual clarity as possible.


Film production.

Do you already have a concrete approach? Then send us a letter. Behind every good project there is a good briefing. The art of a good briefing is not only to ask the right questions, but also to show that you are a good listener. We involve the entire team from all departments in the project from the very first sketch to ensure a seamless transition from order acceptance, through pre-production and shooting to post-production. Our films are created through teamwork.

Together we determine the goal and the rules of the game. Where do we stand now and where do we have to go? Only those who are confident in the control and moderation of creative processes will achieve excellent results. There are many stories about unsuccessful film projects. Not only in feature films, but also in advertising. This is because film productions are unparalleled in terms of complexity, effort, cost and time pressure.



You do already have your footage or own films, but are not satisfied with the result? We advise you whether a new edit, new color correction, new sound design or an additional animation will help your film and implement the improvements in our studio in Frankfurt am Main. In case of budget shortage we will check the implementation of stock footage for you: Is stock material available at a suitable cost? Does the material correlate with the qualitative standards of your company?



The crucial question is: How good is your story? What is your production budget and which contracts are required? How to chose the proper cast, location, design and costume? What do you have to keep in mind as a costumer whilst shooting (and moderating the creatives)? What is important to focus on as the decision maker when it comes to editing and retouching? And finally, how to organize the final control and, if necessary, assign further revisions?

In a two-day intensive training you will learn to improve your judgment about feasibility, realization and commissioning a story. We explain with simple examples how businesses can realize film-ideas which are easy to implement and yet impactful.