3...2...1...premium economy


The two films were shot in one day in Frankfurt. We were responsible for concept development and the entire production / postproduction.


When you buy an Economy ticket, Lufthansa sends you an e-mail with the option to "bid" for a Premium Economy seat. The bidding process is similar to eBay, but somewhat less transparent: For example, you can bid 300 euros and receive feedback from the system in the form of a color code. Orange, for example, means: "It is likely that you will get a place. If there are several bids above yours, you could also go away empty-handed and have to stay in Economy Class".

For this we had to develop realistic and credible situations in which such an upgrade can make sense.

The protagonists of our first spot are a young couple of backpack travelers, who have arrived back in the capital after weeks of hiking through the wilderness and will fly back home in a few days. They left an eventful, but also exhausting journey behind and spent their first evening in a comfortable hotel. While she still enjoys - fresh from the shower - the long missed comfort of a bathroom, he already sits in on the bed in nothing but a bathrobe and saves the vacation photos from the camera. At the same time, he opens the myOffer page on his laptop; after all the exhaustion he wants to treat himself to a little more comfort than originally planned. While he's bidding, she suddenly tilts over his shoulder, adjusts the amount lever even higher, smiles and kisses his cheek.

In our second spot it is already late in the evening and the lights of the city sparkle through the glass wall behind him. But our protagonist, an engineer for large wind turbines, is still very busy. He makes a phone call, is surrounded by plans and CAD printouts and occasionally takes a look at the monitor in front of him, on which renderings of a wind farm, apparently developed by him, run. The course of the telephone conversation tells us that he will probably still have to work on the flight that is to take place in a few days' time, as the results of geological measurements are expected only a few hours before departure. In order to make the flight as pleasant as possible, he opens the myOffer page and bids for an upgrade.