No Script. No cuts.


Shot on two days at Frankfurt Airport. Responsibilities: concept development (partnered with hauser lacour) and the entire production / postproduction.

Peter Schmidt Group shows personal perspectives on design. There are many opinions about what design agencies have to achieve. The same is true for success stories. The Peter Schmidt Group now tells in three video portraits what it working with brands is all about and how individual points of view can be turned into a holistic viewpoint. Special about the two-minute films is the interplay between unscripted interviews, which offer an uncensored picture of the personal attitude of strategists, designers and consultants, and reduced camera movements, which give the viewer the peace of mind to concentrate on the content.

Do the best ideas come from a Mac? Should you do handicrafts with DAX companies? And what does Diego Maradona have to do with brand management? In order to give customers and potential applicants a picture of what makes the Peter Schmidt Group so special and who is behind the projects, the brand and design agency has produced video portraits that show employees in relaxed conversations on topics that have not been discussed yet. Here shown are: Armin Angerer and Lukas Cottrell, Managing Partners respectively, Kristin Janoschka, Executive Director Consulting and Norbert Möller, Executive Creative Director. In focus: their very individual attitude to brand management, working with customers and design.
Each of the them was interviewed and filmed individually - in the videos they can be seen in pairs. This way, the themes receive different perspectives, but are still delivered together. "Only with the different personalities, opinions, experiences and disciplines is it possible for us to see brands holistically. These perspectives are a must for us in every project. And the videos manage to transport that," says Armin Angerer.