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Shot on two days in Frankfurt. We were responsible for the conception and the entire production / postproduction.


More and more often it is children, teenagers, and young adults who mobilize the masses, and this for causes for which adults have hardly been able to move people in decades (e.g. anti-weapons protests in the USA, "protest with smartphones and braces" in Russia against corruption, umbrella movement in Hong Kong, fridays for future).

Our films focus on the young visitors themselves. They recognize themselves - as victims, as perpetrators, as observers. The opening film is intended to mirror this in a pointed, yet reduced aesthetic. In it's multi-thematic and multi-dimensional approach, the film offers no solutions, but sensitizes the viewer to the subject. We witness various timeless everyday situations that cannot be clearly assigned to any particular time, nationality or culture. By scaling down on protagonists and a stylistic simplification of the everyday scenes, we seek to achieve this timelessness. We see the gaze of a young observer. We recognize the actual scenery (e.g. saluting soldiers) only as a shadow on a wall, blurred in the background or as a direct projection on the youth himself.

We have made a total of eight films for the permanent exhibition "Anne Frank. More tomorrow...". It is not a museum, but a place of debate and discussion. Here, young people are made familiar with Anne Frank's life and work. Here they learn to apply questions from history to the present. The learning lab takes youth perspectives on the subject of discrimination seriously and enables the people to change perspectives to experience all possible perspectives on historical ideologies of the time: utopias, conflict, resistance.