One Forty West.
 Through the city with designer Sebastian Herkner and architect Andreas Moser.


Shot on a shooting day in Stuttgart. We were responsible for concept development (together with hauser lacour) and the entire production/postproduction.

The One Forty West is a high-rise residential building for high standards: premium living with spectacular views. Architecture that will cause a sensation. Outside and inside in an elegant design language, with top of the line furnishings and its own concierge service. With fine-dining establishments in the house and the amenities of a four-star-plus hotel. The location? Frankfurt am Main, where the new Senckenberg quarter is being built between Westend and Bockenheim - inner-city and with an excellent infrastructure.

The film focuses on designer Sebastian Herkner and architect Andreas Moser, who embody the quality and design standards of the project in the area of conflict between design, lifestyle and location. The film does not replace a fact sheet or an exposé, because Herkner and Moser present their personal view of the project, the location, as well as the materials used. In their own language - authentic, direct, genuine - they (re)present the ideas, goals and demands of One Forty West. In doing so, you draw on personal/biographical backgrounds and experiences. The narration is driven by our protagonists, who alternate in their statements/topics and take up on one another and continue the previous one. They do not speak directly into the camera. Instead, we witness conversations and inner monologues.