Shopping. Shopping. Shopping.


Shot on two days at Frankfurt Airport. We were responsible for concept development (together with hauser lacour) and the entire production / postproduction.


What makes the Frankfurt Airport so unique and worth highlighting as a retail location is not only the fashion, convenience and duty-free shops, but also the special moment of travel. At the airport, you leave everyday life behind you. A feeling of freedom and adventure mixes with the desire to discover something new. The expression of this cosmopolitan feeling of "being on the move" for a certain target group is the act of shopping in anticipation of the destination.

Through unusual perspectives and chains of associations, the viewer is sensitized to the retail sector. The exact images should not all be rationally understood, but felt emotionally and assigned to the sender Fraport. Characteristic moments of the retail mix with atmospheric images of the airport. The film was primarily produced for a media screen in the lobby of the Fraport headquarters at Frankfurt Airport. Therefore, no complex stories are told in the film. Atmospheric situations are captured in a documentary style that authentically reflects the retail feeling at the airport.