What the hell is machine learning?


Shot on two days in Frankfurt (+ surrounding area). We were responsible for concept development and the entire production.

SAP had to convey the bulky topic of Machine Learning for the EdTech trade fair in Barcelona. The film was intended to introduce the topic in a playful way. There were no stylistic requirements. We were overwhelmed with hundreds of pages of information material. We had 3 weeks for the entire pre-production (incl. conception).

Everyone is talking about machine learning. But what does the term really mean? Clichés and outrageous rumors lurk everywhere. We broke down the facts into a real case and sketched the fictitious company "Cordless Hairdryer Company". Company founder Andy invented the wireless hairdryer. And it's not surprising that this invention catapults his company through the ceiling. But how does Andy's young company cope with the strong demand? We show how machine learning and SAP tools can help.

For most decision makers, machine learning is a confusing field because there are many different conceptual, methodological and theoretical approaches. Our film breaks down the issue and offers an unconventional approach to the topic. We explain the central elements of machine learning (speech recognition, image recognition, combination capability) and illustrate them in easy-to-understand, striking and humorous scenes.